Where to see demos of Sora Videos + prompts for Sora?

screenshot of
a youtube video about Sora
Click on the thumbnail above for 12 samples video created with Sora.

Sora, the text-to-video model (not the character of Kingdom heart), is the big news of the moment in the text generation AI world.
For some reasons, Sora attracted more attention than Google's VideoPoet, another text2video project, that is pretty impressive too and that was just released maybe 10 days before Sora.

I have to say that Sora, named after the japanese word for "sky", looks impressive when i see the demos for it.
If you still don't know what is Sora yet, this video is a good introduction:

Some people says, it will likely be a game changer for the stock video business.

It impressed so much, that it generated memes while it hasn't been released yet:

This other introduction video for Sora gives you already some prompts and the result that you get from them:

Personnally, if i am not able to generate yet videos that look that good and i actually already want to know how to prompt with the text-to-video model Sora AI.
To my knowledge, the software hasn't released for everyone yet, but we already have some examples of prompts for Sora here:


However, these prompts are a bit redundant with the video i post above. While Sora is not released for everyone yet, why not test the prompts in the link above with DiffEx ?

Last but not least: join the reddit of Sora to see more examples:

(please read the description of the channel and its rules).