MPT-7B, a generative LLM made the sensation of the week on YouTube:

Click on the videos to see their tests of this model.
Or test it yourself...


This model created some hype because of its large number of context tokens (65k-token, twice the amount of ChatGPT) and because of its licence (commercial use allowed).

If you want to test these models yourself, you can go to these pages: (best) (usually faster, but the results of the other are better imo)

Both models were uncensored when i tested them. If you want to know more about this model, read this webpage of MosaicLM (profile on huggingface link): (link about MPT-7b)

My opinion is that these models don't beat chatgpt but that their results are better than the other do-it-at-home models.

More models with even better performances are coming:
This tweet claims that a concept that allows up to 2 million of tokens exist:
With an important information: "This augmentation maintains the base model’s memory size at 3.6 GB in our experiments"

With even a linked github:

i didn't test this other model (yet?)


Stability AI released a model of generative AI that is able to handle text


You have probably seen these pictures with some gibberish text that spoils the fact that a picture was generated by an AI. 
Well we are may be already after that... 
Introduced in this blog post, Stability AI has just released DeepFloyd, a new text-to-image model that can now integrate text better in pictures.

You can try this model here: (you will need a login)

or here:

(here you get some example of test prompts)

deepfloyd text to img

The model is free but is not allowed for commercial use.
I have tested it, and it works so-so, with some mistakes and a small resolution (initially), but it is very promising...
I can guess that now the world is going to evolve at a very fast pace...

This project has a Github page


Next step: text-to-video


News website Axios reports that Runway AI decided to release a part of their toolkit to the public so "anyone can turn images, text or video clips into 15-second reels."

Click here to go to the website of Runwayml

Previously this year "Runway AI" had already organized a "AI film festival".
If you are interested to know who are the winners, click on this link below:

Runway also has a YouTube channel:

Test of the tool of Runwayml: