StableDiffusion version 3 released! First tests

As you may know, Stable Diffusion 3 has been released.
To test this text to image model (txt2img), you will have to go to the huggingface page of StabilityAi dedicated to download Stable Diffusion version 3.

To download the model, you have to sign up, but don't worry it is free of charge if you don't use the model for a commercial purpose.
If you want to use it, you will have to use ComfyUI (at least for the moment).
As I explain in this video, SD3 won't work with Automatic1111 for the moment,

First of all, update or install Comfyui on your computer (if it is not done yet).
I am not going to explain that here.
Then you need the files of a StableDiffusion 3 model:

Put at least one of these files:


Into the ...\ComfyUI\models\checkpoints folder

You also need to put the files from this URL :


Into the ...\ComfyUI\models\clip

Then use the workflows given here:

Here is a screenshot of the settings that I used with an upscaling workflow:

screenshot with
the sd3 models in comfyui

The first time you run the workflow, it is very slow...

Do you want to see some outputs ?
Well, here is one:

With the default prompt of the upscaler:

upscaler sd3 result picture

sd3 upscaler

And this is with the basic workflow with this prompt:
A cute and funny cat holding a sign with "" written on it. The overall style of the artwork is reminiscent of fantasy or supernatural genres

sd3 cute cat sign 1

sd3 cute cat sign 2 - best result

m14w promo made with sd3

I am not so impressed: the model is not very fast and the text output is not always consistent with the prompt.

With the multi-prompt workflow (other seed)

sd3 mutli prompt default prompts other seed

A last comment: i find the model pretty a bit slow and the models need time to load, but it could be worse...