If you are wondering if this website is still alive... well it is...

Right now, i am mostly generating video with Diffex and LCM models.

I keep the website that you are reading for the main articles only, so meanwhile i am still doing updates on my CivitAi page. Where i post my test content. If you are not an user of CivitAi, i suggest you to register, because you are not going to be able to see all the content there without an account. I find the criterias of CivitAi at bit questionnable, sometimes.

AI robot


Meanwhile, i've decided to post some series of clips to train myself how to do better clips. (Comment about that: the videos on civitai have usually a better quality, it is just that i don't try to put music on civitAI).

Here are some shorts that i published on youtube:

Dancing Adventurer 1

Dancing Adventurer 2

Dancing fire Queen

Dancing elf