I discovered recently some cool LCM models that i can use with DiffEx / AnimateDiff-CLI-Prompt-Travel, like Paradigm-LCM or the AnimateDiff-LCM Motion Model.

Thanks to this i was able to generate this video:

I didn't try to do a Hi-Res fix on the video yet, because i lack a bit of time. However i am already happy with the result.

I am also working on some tutorials to use DiffEx, but when new models are released (these LCM), i find more efficient ways to generate videos. Feel free to come back and visit the site again to see more content like that.

Also if you are looking for tutorials related to AI videos or pictures or video generation, i've started and will probably post some of my tutorials on CivitAi. You need an account (free of charge, right now) to see the tutorials (one is 17+ and the other is 13+, and are not visible without an account). Basically i'll post there what is complementary to my articles, here. These tutorials are about Paradigm-LCM and AnimateDiff-LCM, 2 models for pictures and videos generation. CivitAi has many NSFW ressources, so it is better that only go there if you are an adult.