screenshot of the video of the release of SDXL by stable foundation

The Stable Foundation has just released SDXL 1.0, a generative model to create pictures.

If you click on the thumbnail above, you will redirected to the youtube video of the stable fundation.

Click here for the profile of SDXL on huggingface.

Click here for the Github page.

How to install SDXL 1.0 in automatic 1111 ?

- Go here:

- Download the safetensors file of SDXL

- Save it in "webui\models\Stable-diffusion" in the folder of automatic1111

- Update automatic1111: make sure it is at least 1.5

(if you experience an error by trying to load SDXL in automatic1111, it is likely because you didn't update the software to a more recent version)

- Run automatic1111 and change the model to SDXL using the normal procedure.

Now feel free to use a native resolution of 1024x1024 !