Do you want to convert a video into another video ?
For example, do you want to convert a real video to an anime, or replace the Ferrari that you use on your video with a Toyota Prius to impress your tax collector ?
With the latest development of artificial intelligence, this becomes feasible.
Here is a small collection of tools:



Deforum is a tool to generate videos. If you want, you can generate videos with only with prompts, but you could also use an existing video content to create a new video.
You can watch a video created with Deforum here:

link to a youtube video that showcases a video created with deforum

Deforum exists in 2 flavours, including one created specifically for automatic1111:

If you are looking for a guide for deforum, please have a look at this webpage:


FateZero is a project hosted on github that allows you to modify the content of a video.
For example there is a video of a car, and you can use prompts to replace the model of the car with something else.

A demo is supposed to be here on Huggingface:
(Was not working the last time i tried)

Same as FateZero
(a demo is supposed to be here:
But it was also not working, the last time is tried.

Same as vidvid-zero, looks less convincing.

A text to video generator, but also a pix2pix (in fact video to video) generator
Demo on huggingface:

Rerender a video
Rerender a video is a project that you can test here:

Some sources are available here:
You can try to install the project if you want (i am not sure it is possible yet)

git clone

(and so on...)

But i wasn't lucky (skilled ?) when i tried.